Aerated concrete plant
Aerated concrete plant

The "Flash" group of companies plans to implement project on construction of aerated concrete plant in Novocherkassk.

The main activity – production of blocks and reinforced products of aerated concrete: floor slabs and wall panels. This material is a new solution on the market of construction materials. It is used extensively for construction in Europe, Asia and America.

Autoclaved aerated concrete is a durable wall material that will be produced in form of standard blocks or reinforced slabs. Compared to ordinary concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete density is 5 times lower. This type of building material has a number of advantages: aerated concrete has high thermal and sound insulating properties, suitable for any climatic conditions, is a fire resistant material.

Use of aerated concrete blocks is possible for erection of all types of walls (bearing and non-bearing, internal and external, frame, separatings, etc.)

Production of the "Flash" Group of Companies plant will cover a growing market demand in quality construction materials and will be applicable in all types of construction: residential (multi-flat and individual housing) and commercial.