Filling system
Pontoon filling stations

Since 2009 in Croatia, a network of floating filling stations under the brand "FLASH" is being developed. The retail sale of fuel for vessels is performed in territorial waters of Republic of Croatia from pontoons, located in marines and ports. At the moment in Croatia there are four filling stations of this type: in marinas FRAPA (ROGOZNICA), HRAMINA (MURTER), VERUDA (PULA), in the port of KRK (KRK) city.

Pontoon stations provide opportunity for boats and yachts to bunker directly on the pier. The design of the pontoon-stations allows to bunker up to three vessels at a time, reducing the waiting time at the stations significantly. The stations provide diesel fuel and petrol of popular brands Euro 95, Euro 98. The company has all necessary certificates of compliance, of products quality and of related services.

Qualified personnel of the filling stations will promptly and securely fill vessels of any type up to 35 m long. Stations are open for customers during the tourist season (from April 01till October 31) from 08:00 to 20:00, off the tourist season (from November 01 till March 31) from 10:00 to 17:00.

Each station is equipped with two modern dispensers WAYNE DRESSER (2 hand-gun - for diesel fuel and 1 for petrol) and diesel fuel can be filled both in normal and accelerated flow for mega-yachts.

The quality of service, convenience and speed of the bunkering process, as well as the convenient location of the stations along the entire coast of Adriatic sea make our company indispensable companion of sea travel and holidays in Croatia.

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Automatic filling stations

Automatic filling stations – are self-service filling stations, operating in fully automatic mode, without operator participation. Payment is done via the payment terminal with credit cards or by cash. The filling stations provide AI-92, AI-95 petrol, diesel fuel. Construction of automatic filling stations on the territory of Russia will be a solution of complicated issues of big cities connected with rapid growth of number of vehicles, which resulted in an increase of fuel demand, queues at filling stations, prices increase, shortage and non-conforming product on the market.

Automatic filling stations can be placed in locations not suitable for standard fuel stations, including areas of dense residential development. One automatic filling station requires space of 120-300 square meters (including access ways). Small space significantly reduces investment into the project. Absence of staff premises saves costs for construction and connection of utilities. These objects are more energy efficient and provide significant operational saving. The design and construction period of automatic stations takes less time than of traditional filling stations through the use of standard solutions and lack of need for construction of a number of additional buildings and structures.

Advantages of automatic filling stations:

  - Cold-resistance (reliable work at -50° С to + 50° С)

  - Reliable equipment

  - Improved fuel filtration

  - Simple and cheap operation

At the moment 59 automatic stations in 10 regions are built and operated.

The company Overkom, a member of the Flash group of companies, is engaged in software development, in order to make the filling process at the gas station even more convenient.