Fishery complex

The structure of the fishery complex of the Group of Companies “FLASH” includes fish processing complex in the Republic of Senegal, Bessergenevskiy fish plant (Russia, Rostov region). Also fish farming is carried out in private ponds on the site of "Utkino" country house.

Fish processing complex

Fish processing complex of Group of Companies “FLASH” -  FLASH AFRIQUE SEA PRODUCTS SA, located in the Republic of Senegal, port of Dakar, berth No. 10, on the private site, which once housed plant "AfrikaMer". In accordance with the program of the President of the Republic of Senegal Maki Sall on revival of the enterprise "AfrikaMer" and with the direct assistance of the Ministry of Fishery, the Port of Dakar authority, FLASH AFRIQUE SEA PRODUCTS SA started works on repair and modernizing of this enterprise.

The main target of FLASH AFRIQUE SA SEA PRODUCTS is the creation of a modern fish processing complex. Currently it is under designing and works on repair and preventive maintenance of building and utilities are in progress.

Fish processing plant of Group of Companies "FLASH" includes following:

     - production of chilled fish and fish products for sale on the local market;
     - production of cut frozen products for sale to the external market;
     - production of fish meal and oil;
     - freezers of 3000 tons for storage of fish and meat of both own production and of local producers and entrepreneurs;
     - production of ice for own needs and supply to other companies in the Republic of Senegal;
     - production laboratory to serve local customers;
     - mechanical repair and maintenance facilities for local vessels;
     - maintenance facilities for repair of nets and seines;
     - cleaning of the port water area and installation of a dock for repair of local vessels.

"FLASH AFRIQUE SA SEA PRODUCTS" at the moment is the only company in the Republic of Senegal, with an impressive production capacity. According to the plans of the company, the production capacity of the cutting and freezing facilities will allow to process 140 tons of raw fish per day, facilities on manufacture of fish meal – 270 tons of fish waste and substandard fish. Equipment purchased from "Alfa Laval", "Haarslev" and other European manufacturers, allows to produce daily 100 tons of high quality frozen products (sardines, sardynela, cutlassfish, sole shrimps, squids, octopuses, etc.), more than 50 tons of fish meal and about 20 tons of industrial fish oil.

Fish processing plant will implement "Aquaculture" and "Mariculture" projects. Under the project "Aquaculture" the enterprise will be engaged in cultivation of African catfish, tilapia. The complex for cultivation of aquaculture is located on a 2,10 hectares site in Joal, currently, preparations for the project are in progress.

The aquaculture cultivation complex provides:

    - aquaculture incubation and pre-growing plant
    - aquaculture quarantine plant
    - a complex on cultivation of commodity fish using the closed-loop system of water circulation
    - system of filtration and water treatment by modern manufacturers
    - area for overexposure of commodity fish
    - storage and utility rooms

”Mariculture” project is aimed at breeding of oysters and mussels. At the moment the project is monitored, sites and areas on the coast of the Republic of Senegal are being selected.

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9 Rue Jean Mermoz , 2 etage, Dakar, Senegal


Bessergenevskiy fish farm

On the territory of the Rostov region, in village Bessergenevskaya a modern fish farm complex is being designed and built. The enterprise will be focused on demand and needs of a wide range of customers and will offer quality products of all types of processing from fish, grown in its own ecologically clean waters.

It is planned that Bessergenevskiy fish farm will grow various types of aquacultures demanded by the consumers. Among them are carp, grass carp, silver carp, pike, crucian carp, catfish, traditional to the southern region; popular -  bream, common carp and other fish species. The fish farm also intends to work in another market segment and to grow various species of sturgeon and produce high-quality black caviar. All products will be marketed under its own brand.

The Bessergenevskiy fish farm will include incubation facilities, open ponds and systems of fish cultivation in closed-loop water systems, own fish stock of quality gene pool producers, plants for cutting, processing, cooling and freezing of products, production of canned products, preserves and semi-finished products.

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Fish farming in ponds

Fish farming is also performed in ponds of "Utkino" country house. Private stocked ponds make it possible fishing for carp and predatory fish. The fish taste is preserved thanks to grain food. The weight of a fish harvested during the trophy fishing is up to 8 kg.

Agricultural complex

Agricultural activity of the Group of Companies "FLASH" is represented by an acting enterprise "Zolotovskoe" (Rostov region), producing and bottling olive oil (Croatia). The company intends to rapidly develop this direction – within several years “Donskoy” Greenhouse Plant and a multi-functional logistics center "Agriport" will be launched in the Rostov region.

“Donskoy” greenhouse plant

The company is starting construction of a modern greenhouse complex in the Oktyabrskiy district of the Rostov region with an area of 40 hectares for year-round cultivation of vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers) and green crops (herbs, salad) with a total capacity of 30 000 tons of vegetables and 5 million pieces of salad per year.

The project aims at import substitution, increase of the share of local greenhouse vegetables, uninterrupted year-round supply of retailers and vegetable wholesale markets. The basis of the project implementation is the use of a cutting-edge agro-technology of vegetables cultivation in greenhouses. Implementation of a commercially viable and a large-scale project will allow to provide the residents of the South of the country with fresh local vegetables. The greenhouse production will be environmentally friendly and modern advanced agricultural technologies will allow growing of clean tasty vegetables with good market properties.

The construction of the "Donskoy” Greenhouse Plant is a priority direction of agriculture development of the Rostov region and will be conducted in accordance with a long-term regional target program of the regional agriculture development

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Logistics complex “Agriport”

In 2017 the Group of Companies "FLASH" plans to implement project on construction and launch of a multifunctional logistics complex "AGRIPORT". The idea of the agricultural cluster is borrowed from Netherlands - aggregated capacity of production, storage, processing and marketing of agricultural products. Synergy is achieved through close connection between the elements of the company – the currently demanded quantity of the demanded product is produced, stored, processed and purchased from the outside. The main goal of the multifunctional logistics complex, which will be built in the Rostov region – to ensure smooth distribution channel of fruits and vegetables from local farmers and enterprises from neighboring regions, as well as the products of the greenhouse complex of the Group of Companies "FLASH". "Agriport" will provide a permanent distribution channel for a wide range of fruits and vegetables: potato, cabbage, onions, carrots, beets, garlic, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, mushrooms, apples, pears, oranges, bananas.

In addition to long-term storage "Agriport" will provide sorting and primary processing of vegetables - washing and packing. The products will undergo quality inspection during receiving and dispatch. "Agriport" will supply retailers with a range of good quality products: the complex fulfills requirements of each retailer to the grade, size, packing into containers with company logo.

"Agriport" of the Group of Companies "FLASH" will be a kind of a distribution hub with special facilities, distributing products to remote logistics centers or directly to retailers.

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Agricultural enterprise “Zolotovskoe"

In 2015, the agricultural branch the Group of Companies "Flash" was added with LLC "Zolotovskoe".

The company operates in Semikarakorsk district of Rostov region. The agricultural enterprise "Zolotovskoe" is engaged in cultivation and sale of grain crops: winter wheat, spring barley, peas, corn; oil-bearing crops: sunflower, safflower. Vegetables - onions and potatoes. The enterprise delivers potatoes for production of crisps by "Frito lay" company.

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Olive oil production

The company successfully produces and bottles top-quality extra virgin olive oil. Olives for oil are grown on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, in private olive groves. At the moment the company develops this branch - it is planned to purchase agricultural land for the expansion and planting of olive groves in the immediate proximity to hotel complex in the town of Tisno.

Processing of olives is done on a modern oil processing plant by cold pressing immediately after picking from the trees. This ensures excellent quality of the olive oil, rich taste and aroma.

Market name of the product - "Perla nera" or "Black pearl": the olive is a jewel of oil crops, and only sea water pearls can be black. Olive oil is an indispensable ingredient of Croatian cuisine. It is considered that the best olive oil in Croatia is produced in the Dalmatia region – by blending of several varieties of olives for obtaining excellent special flavor of the product. There is an opinion that the oil produced from olives grown in Croatia is superior in quality to Italian and Greek.

The range of olive oil “Perla nera” will be presented by products with different flavors: rosemary, thyme, basil, lemon and so on. The company plans retail sale of olive oil “Perla nera” in Croatia, export and sale through major Russian chain supermarkets, as well as the production of olive oil for the needs of the hotel complex. Thus will be secured the need of resort in olive oil - an indispensable product for restaurants, beauty and wellness treatments in the detox center of the hotel complex.

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